One Bag, Every Season

It’s that time of year again!

You know the one?  Where you have to switch all of your things from your light, go-to summer bag to your more durable winter one?

But what if you didn’t have to go through the trouble?

I’m sure you’ve heard a thousand times before how a good leather bag is worth the investment. Well we want to give you one more reason to believe that’s true!

Here it is: A leather bag can transition through every season.

black leather tote handbag

A neutral colored leather bag is both classic and timeless. While leather is often associated with winter, the truth is that it knows no season. It simply is. Going with anything from a sundress to a wool trench, there is nothing a leather bag doesn’t compliment and enhance. Appropriate for both day and evening, casual and a little more formal, we challenge you to find a place your leather bag doesn’t fit with!

The same tan satchel you carried around all summer was likely treated to be waterproof, making it a fashionable and still safe option for winter weather. We know you take good care of your bags. But you don’t need to worry about putting it at risk in those pesky winter storms. One of our favroite things about a solid leather bag is it’s respectable resiliency. 

Always a strong, appropriate and handsome choice, your leather bag should follow you through every season!

So stop worrying about the ago-old task of transitioning and get your perfect year-round leather bag at today.

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Backpack is the New Briefcase

In a lot of ways, this has become the age of causality. We speak more casually, date more casually, dine more casually and dress for work casually too. That’s why it’s no surprise that, in a lot of industries, the briefcase is being transitioned out for its more casual counterpart.



Backpacks are growing in popularity amongst professionals because of their
multi-functionality. Because people no longer go from home to work and back, a work bag must do more. We’re active, entertain busy schedules and are always on the go. A backpack gives the option of carrying your computer as well as fitness gear for a post-work workout or your t-shirt and jeans for happy hour drinks.

screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-5-47-52-amBut just because they are more versatile doesn’t mean they are less professional. Often complete with padded laptop sleeves and cord organizers, they’re being designed with businesspeople in mind. And with that comes the professional aesthetic.  They’ve adopted a classic, timeless look, boasting simple, clean lines. Yet they still find a way to maintain individuality. The less traditional are able to make a statement with a backpack in any number of styles and fabrics.

And because the weight is being carried more comfortable on your back rather that in your hand, you are able to stay handsfree for phone calls, emails and all-around optimum convenience.

So if you’ve never been a fan of the formal briefcase, 2016 declares that you now have an option. One that is comfortable, sleek, functional and most importantly, still professional.


Shop some of our favorite laptop backpacks at

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Say Yes to the Monogram!

The age old question: “If it doesn’t have your monogram is it really even yours?”

Monograms have a long and rich history.

Dating all the way back to Ancient Greece, they were used as a way to elaborately mark coins with the first two letters of a city’s name. Admiring the beauty and simplicity of the design, craftsmen later adopted them, using them to initial their paintings, sculptures and books.

But monograms really gained popularity in the Victorian era with members of bourgeoisie. Everything was marked, from clothes and jewelry, to home goods, and even carriages. It was a  symbol of status, style and wealth. And more than a century later, their popularity continues.

Today’s society is all about personalization. We want  to personalize our profiles, our phones, our homes. Everything is an expression of self. A declaration of our personal style and preferences. And one of the funnest ways to bring that everywhere with us is monogramming.

Stylish monograms can be found on cell phone cases, jewelry, and stationery. They can even be tastefully managed on shirts! But one of the most classic and lasting ways to carry a monogram is on your leather. A monogrammed leather bag, wallet, padfolio, business-card holder or luggage tag is a beautiful way to personalize your goods or gifts. A thoughtful touch to make it truly belong to you or the person you’re giving too that will never go out of style.

At Clava we want to make every piece special and that’s why we offer monogramming on all of our goods. You can add initials, full names, and even graphics to any bag, piece of luggage or accessory. With seven fonts and 43 colors to choose from, there are countless ways to make your new piece of leather yours. Commemorate events like graduations, new jobs, promotions and more with a perfectly personalized gift, or treat yourself. Toeing the line between professional and whimsical, a monogrammed bag suits everyone; offering a unique, one of a kind piece just for you!

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A Tote for Every Occassion

A bag should always be two things; fashionable and functional.

Is that how the saying goes? No?

Well it should!

Perhaps you’ve been lead to believe that the two things are mutually exclusive. That you can have fashion or function, but not both. We’re here to tell you that with the perfect Clava tote bag, you don’t have to choose!

One of the best things about totes is their unmatched versatility. Whether you want a roomy handbag, an overnighter, a bag for the beach, school, gym, work or shopping, there’s one for you! Thanks to its large size, everything you need for work or play will fit perfectly in your tote.

Their versatility stems from the fact that there is so much variety when it comes to tote bags. Sometimes more formal, sometimes casual but always chic, you can shop totes in a multitude of fabrics. Stylish, working women can fit everything they need (including  laptops!) into a soft, dual pocketed leather tote.

Two Pocket Leather Tote in Tan

Eco-lovers looking to shop in style? Roll up a canvas tote, pop it in your purse, and pull it out at the farmer’s market to pack it full of fresh produce! Trendy, simple and undeniably convenient, this bag is perfect for packing, shopping or just plain old looking stylish!

Roll-up Canvas Leather Trim Tote

And our favorite part? They always look good! No matter the season, what you’re wearing or what you’re carrying, a tote is always a fashionable vessel. From fast fashion to high-end designers, no line is complete without a classic tote.

Page Snakeskin Tote

Durable, comfortable to carry and timeless, a totes is the answer to all of your fashionable and functional needs!

Shop Clava totes today for your perfect look!

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Pack Like A Pro in Clava Fine Leather

Life on the move is exciting. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the prospect of escaping routine can make you feel like an adventurer. A wanderer, seizing any opportunity to see the world from a different vantage point.

Nothing is more satisfying to the adventurer than being good at it. Being seasoned enough in their globetrotting, that the stresses of traveling have fallen away with perpetual practice.

Packing is one of those inherent stressors. We must ensure that everything fits, that it is organized and accessible. But here’s a little secret, the best packers generally have the best vessels! Here are a few of our favorite travel bags and accessories to help you in your pursuit of seeing the world like a pro!

Multi Compartment Duffle in Vachetta Tan

Our Multi Compartment Leather Duffle is a classic travel companion. With it’s roomy main compartment and three small exterior pockets, it’s the perfect way to organize a week-long wardrobe. It’s detachable shoulder strap, protective brass feet and luggage tag make it the optimum checked bag for airline travel.

Weekender Satchel in Vachetta Cafe

If you’re just off for the weekend we suggest something a little more condensed like the Weekender Satchel or zip top Luggage Tote. Exceptionally spacious and gorgeously crafted, these two perfect-for-the-weekend pieces feature straps designed for comfortable carry and exterior pockets for easy access to your passports, phones and credit cards. If you’d like to opt for something a little more lightweight with the option of collapsibility, take a look at our Canvas Overnighter with leather detailing. When traveling with a suit or a gown, the best way to ensure a wrinkle-free transport is with the One Night Suiter garment bag. Our slim leather garment bag with two front pockets for accessories is the luggage your special piece deserves!

Packing well means maintaining organization. What better way is there to do that than by organizing your toiletries in a  great toiletry case? Our

Hanging Leather Toiletry Case in Black

Hanging Leather Toiletry Case features three separate and fully lined, zippered compartments as well as a removable hook so you can hang it on the door or a wall hook for easy access. Looking for something a little smaller or a little roomier? We’ve got options for both our light packers and those who need a little more space! The Collapsible Leather Shave/Cosmetics Case is an excellent option for space savers. When you’re not using it. Just snap it up and tuck it away! The Expandable Toiletry Case is just right for those times you need some extra room. Just unzip the expander and voila! Two more inches of room.

Now that you’ve ordered the perfect travel bags, go off and be the adventurer you were meant to be!

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Learning To Allow Luggage To Make Travel Easier

Learning To Allow Luggage To Make Travel Easier Travel can be stressful, whether you’re going away for a business trip or for a much anticipated vacation, but with the right travel bags, you can make your experience a whole lot more pleasant!
Luggage can be thought of as simply a vessel to store belongings on while on a trip, or it can be thought of as pieces which help you to keep organized and prepared, and we at Clava prefer to think of our luggage as the latter! From duffel bags to travel toiletry cases, here are our 5 favorite products when it comes to keeping you prepared for your next trip:
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The 3 Fall Fashion Looks That You Can’t Afford To Pass Up

The 3 Fall Fashion Looks That You Can’t Afford To Pass UpNow that Labor Day has come and gone, it’s time to start thinking of fall fashion! The beauty of fall fashion is that you can mix and match both summer and winter looks right alongside of your autumn staples, and we at Clava have found some really excellent fall fashion trends that we believe no one should pass up! Continue reading

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Winter Bags For Every Occasion

Winter Bags For Every OccasionNow that fall is in session, winter will be here before we know it. While the weather may be cooling down outside, the fashion scene always starts to heat up once the winter weather season begins, and no accessory can really capture or embrace the atmosphere of winter quite like a leather handbag. At Clava, we have a ton of different handbags perfect for complimenting all of your favorite winter wardrobe pieces, and you can be well on your way to embracing this chilly season no matter where your day may take you!
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How You Can Benefit From A Leather Luggage Tag

How You Can Benefit From A Leather Luggage TagAt Clava, we know all of the benefits of using leather in a vast array of different travel accessories. During travel, it’s often the un-thought of things that will wind up leading to the most stressful situations, and this is certainly the case with missed luggage. As your bags go along on a carousel or conveyor belt, you’ll be using tired eyes to look through a seemingly endless number of bags which all seem to look too similar after a long flight. Luggage tags, however, can help to make this process a great deal easier, as you’ll be able to look for your particular tag and spot your bag quickly as it comes your way.
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Stocking Stuffers To Get Your Holiday Shopping Started

Stocking Stuffers To Get Your Holiday Shopping StartedNow that fall has begun, many folks are thinking about their holiday shopping. While the holidays are still a couple of months away, it’s never too early to start keeping a look out for those ideal gifts to give this season. At Clava, we not only have great holiday gifts, but we have a ton of small stocking stuffer or little gifts as well, and each piece can add a little style to your day, home, or wardrobe!
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