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Backpacks Aren’t Just For Students Anymore

For those ladies that have a need to haul around a lot of stuff, a giant purse really isn’t the answer. Whether you are a working mother of three that has to keep plenty of belongings at her side at … Continue reading

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Purses As Gifts: Because You Can’t Have Too Many

Be honest. How thrilled are you when you receive a gift from someone and it turns out to be a brand new purse? Ladies, you view a good purse as a key accessory, a partner in the completion of an … Continue reading

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How Young Is Too Young To Own A Purse?

It’s adorable when little girls want to emulate their mommies. If mom wears high heels, it won’t be long before you see her carbon copy traipsing around in oversized shoes too. The same goes with purses. Now most moms will … Continue reading

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Men And Purses

Here’s a bit of history for you, ladies:   The first purses ever created were designed for men! Back in the day, men needed something to carry money in during their travels. At the time, a purse was nothing more … Continue reading

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A customer asked “Do you match Pantone colors?”

About a decade ago, when I had just started working for Clava, a customer asked “Do you match Pantone colors?”.  At that point, the truth was, I didn’t know!  I don’t think I knew what Pantone colors were and I certainly … Continue reading

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Where will you be when the sun stands still this year?

Photo permission use received by Przemyslaw “Blueshade” Idzkiewicz.   When is the first day of summer where you live?   The first day of summer is traditionally known as a solstice. Solstice means when the sun stands still, and the … Continue reading

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Carina Tassel Tote – Ultimate Go-To Bag in Four Colors by Clava Leather

The Ultimate Go-To bag by Clava Leather is the Carina Tassel Tote What is your most favorite go-to bag that can look sporty or sophisticated and take you from morning events, late afternoon celebrations, and romantic dinners?   For me, … Continue reading

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Clava Recipe – Strawberries and Cream Cupcakes

Strawberry Cupcakes I hope every one had a wonderful weekend and celebrated their fathers enthusiastically.  I spent a good part of Sunday preparing dessert for my dad.  While I had originally planned on an elaborate strawberry cheesecake, owing to travel … Continue reading

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I’m grateful for my dad because…

Do you have a favorite photo of you and your dad that you’ve framed and kept all these years?   I’m grateful for my dad   When I think of Father’s Day, I think of all the reasons why I’m … Continue reading

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Totes and Tennis – An Ace of a Combination

It was an exciting weekend in sports between the Belmont Stakes, Stanley Cup finals and the finals of the French Open.  With the French Open wrapping up and Wimbledon quickly approaching, tennis has been on my mind.     On … Continue reading

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