A Tote for Every Occassion

A bag should always be two things; fashionable and functional.

Is that how the saying goes? No?

Well it should!

Perhaps you’ve been lead to believe that the two things are mutually exclusive. That you can have fashion or function, but not both. We’re here to tell you that with the perfect Clava tote bag, you don’t have to choose!

One of the best things about totes is their unmatched versatility. Whether you want a roomy handbag, an overnighter, a bag for the beach, school, gym, work or shopping, there’s one for you! Thanks to its large size, everything you need for work or play will fit perfectly in your tote.

Their versatility stems from the fact that there is so much variety when it comes to tote bags. Sometimes more formal, sometimes casual but always chic, you can shop totes in a multitude of fabrics. Stylish, working women can fit everything they need (including  laptops!) into a soft, dual pocketed leather tote.

Two Pocket Leather Tote in Tan

Eco-lovers looking to shop in style? Roll up a canvas tote, pop it in your purse, and pull it out at the farmer’s market to pack it full of fresh produce! Trendy, simple and undeniably convenient, this bag is perfect for packing, shopping or just plain old looking stylish!

Roll-up Canvas Leather Trim Tote

And our favorite part? They always look good! No matter the season, what you’re wearing or what you’re carrying, a tote is always a fashionable vessel. From fast fashion to high-end designers, no line is complete without a classic tote.

Page Snakeskin Tote

Durable, comfortable to carry and timeless, a totes is the answer to all of your fashionable and functional needs!

Shop Clava totes today for your perfect look!

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