Backpack is the New Briefcase

In a lot of ways, this has become the age of causality. We speak more casually, date more casually, dine more casually and dress for work casually too. That’s why it’s no surprise that, in a lot of industries, the briefcase is being transitioned out for its more casual counterpart.



Backpacks are growing in popularity amongst professionals because of their
multi-functionality. Because people no longer go from home to work and back, a work bag must do more. We’re active, entertain busy schedules and are always on the go. A backpack gives the option of carrying your computer as well as fitness gear for a post-work workout or your t-shirt and jeans for happy hour drinks.

screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-5-47-52-amBut just because they are more versatile doesn’t mean they are less professional. Often complete with padded laptop sleeves and cord organizers, they’re being designed with businesspeople in mind. And with that comes the professional aesthetic.  They’ve adopted a classic, timeless look, boasting simple, clean lines. Yet they still find a way to maintain individuality. The less traditional are able to make a statement with a backpack in any number of styles and fabrics.

And because the weight is being carried more comfortable on your back rather that in your hand, you are able to stay handsfree for phone calls, emails and all-around optimum convenience.

So if you’ve never been a fan of the formal briefcase, 2016 declares that you now have an option. One that is comfortable, sleek, functional and most importantly, still professional.


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