Say Yes to the Monogram!

The age old question: “If it doesn’t have your monogram is it really even yours?”

Monograms have a long and rich history.

Dating all the way back to Ancient Greece, they were used as a way to elaborately mark coins with the first two letters of a city’s name. Admiring the beauty and simplicity of the design, craftsmen later adopted them, using them to initial their paintings, sculptures and books.

But monograms really gained popularity in the Victorian era with members of bourgeoisie. Everything was marked, from clothes and jewelry, to home goods, and even carriages. It was a  symbol of status, style and wealth. And more than a century later, their popularity continues.

Today’s society is all about personalization. We want  to personalize our profiles, our phones, our homes. Everything is an expression of self. A declaration of our personal style and preferences. And one of the funnest ways to bring that everywhere with us is monogramming.

Stylish monograms can be found on cell phone cases, jewelry, and stationery. They can even be tastefully managed on shirts! But one of the most classic and lasting ways to carry a monogram is on your leather. A monogrammed leather bag, wallet, padfolio, business-card holder or luggage tag is a beautiful way to personalize your goods or gifts. A thoughtful touch to make it truly belong to you or the person you’re giving too that will never go out of style.

At Clava we want to make every piece special and that’s why we offer monogramming on all of our goods. You can add initials, full names, and even graphics to any bag, piece of luggage or accessory. With seven fonts and 43 colors to choose from, there are countless ways to make your new piece of leather yours. Commemorate events like graduations, new jobs, promotions and more with a perfectly personalized gift, or treat yourself. Toeing the line between professional and whimsical, a monogrammed bag suits everyone; offering a unique, one of a kind piece just for you!

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