How You Can Benefit From A Leather Luggage Tag

How You Can Benefit From A Leather Luggage TagAt Clava, we know all of the benefits of using leather in a vast array of different travel accessories. During travel, it’s often the un-thought of things that will wind up leading to the most stressful situations, and this is certainly the case with missed luggage. As your bags go along on a carousel or conveyor belt, you’ll be using tired eyes to look through a seemingly endless number of bags which all seem to look too similar after a long flight. Luggage tags, however, can help to make this process a great deal easier, as you’ll be able to look for your particular tag and spot your bag quickly as it comes your way.

After a long flight, the last thing that many want to do is use their brain power to look for minute details that may differentiate their bag from another. Because bags of all colors seem to be just as common as the next, it’s important to adorn your bag with a little something extra which can catch your eye even when you’ve spent the majority of your day in the air. What a luggage tag can do is give you that certain something to easily look out for as your bag winds its way around the carousel and into your possession, and you’ll often find yourself thankful that you’ve made the task so easy!
At Clava, our leather luggage tags are built to last, so you can use your tag for years to come. Whether you’re travelling for business, a vacation, or to visit friends or relatives, your luggage tag will stand up to all the abuses it endures as it’s loaded onto the plane, off of the plane, and through the baggage claim until it reaches your hands once again. One extra perk that we offer at Clava is the ability to monogram your tag, and this is particularly beneficial if you’re looking to spot your bag quickly! By placing your initials on your chosen tag, and putting that tag on your favorite luggage, you’ll have a piece that silently screams your name each time you go looking for it!
At Clava, we have several luggage tags to choose from, so you can mix and match with your favorite luggage pieces as you see fit. Each of our leather baggage tags are completely customizable with monogramming, so you can choose your shape and create the tag you’ve always wanted.

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