Learning To Allow Luggage To Make Travel Easier

Learning To Allow Luggage To Make Travel Easier Travel can be stressful, whether you’re going away for a business trip or for a much anticipated vacation, but with the right travel bags, you can make your experience a whole lot more pleasant!
Luggage can be thought of as simply a vessel to store belongings on while on a trip, or it can be thought of as pieces which help you to keep organized and prepared, and we at Clava prefer to think of our luggage as the latter! From duffel bags to travel toiletry cases, here are our 5 favorite products when it comes to keeping you prepared for your next trip:

  1. Tuscan Leather Companion Flight Bag – This flight bag can help you to keep all of your carryon belongings both safe and organized whether you’re taking an hour long flight or a long trip overseas. This bag not only has room for your laptop and electronics, but the front pockets are ideal for other accessories as well, and the roomy interior pocket is perfect for carrying along a sweater or your favorite small travel pillow.
  2. Leather One Night Suiter – If you’re travelling for business, or you’ve got a special occasion to attend at your destination, you can’t leave home without our leather one night suiter. This garment bag is designed to keep your suit or formal outfit fresh no matter how long your commute may be, and it even has room for hangers and accessories as well. With this bag, you won’t need to worry about arriving at your destination and immediately searching for an iron to freshen up your attire!
  3. Leather Travel Clutch – If you’re looking to keep all your necessary items on hand during travel, our Leather Travel Clutch at Clava is perfect. This small clutch has room for your passport, credit cards, cash, camera, cell phone, and other small travel items, so you never need to be concerned over being without everything you need to keep on hand.
  4. Expandable Leather Toiletry Case – Keeping your toiletries safe during travel is one of the many headaches that can arise, as these products breaking or leaking while in your main suitcase can spell disaster for your clothing and other personal items. With this toiletry bag, you can keep your personal toiletry items safe and sound during the entire course of your trip!
  5. Wellie Cosmetic Pouch – For ladies, it’s always important to keep your cosmetics separated and organized so you can find just the products you’re looking for and just when you’re looking for them. Our Wellie Cosmetic Pouch makes an excellent addition to any luggage set, as it provides a space for all your favorite cosmetics products and it tucks easily into any travel bag.


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