Stocking Stuffers To Get Your Holiday Shopping Started

Stocking Stuffers To Get Your Holiday Shopping StartedNow that fall has begun, many folks are thinking about their holiday shopping. While the holidays are still a couple of months away, it’s never too early to start keeping a look out for those ideal gifts to give this season. At Clava, we not only have great holiday gifts, but we have a ton of small stocking stuffer or little gifts as well, and each piece can add a little style to your day, home, or wardrobe!

One small gift that we have, which can be universally enjoyed by everyone, is our Leather 5×7 Photo Frame. Picture frames are items used by all types of people in all age groups, so this is something that can be appreciated by just about anyone on your giving list. What is really special about this frame is that it’s made from highly durable and sleek black leather, a material with the ability to complement any choice of home décor. From the bedroom, to the living room, and anywhere in between, this is a frame that will stand out on the shelf and hold your favorite memories in a place certain to draw attention. For an extra special way to give this frame as a gift, we suggest putting a favorite picture into the frame before giving it to a friend or loved one!
CD cases also make excellent gifts, and in this age of digital music, there are many who would still prefer to hold their hard copies on CD. A CD case isn’t often something that a person thinks to purchase themselves, even though they make listening quite convenient, so this is a gift that can be appreciated by any music lover. At Clava, we have a leather 10 CD case option as well as a 20 CD case option, so you can choose just how big or small you’d like your gift to be!
While these are just a couple of the small gifts we have at Clava, they are two that can be loved by just about any type of recipient. Since the holidays will be here before we know it, it’s never too early to take a look around and see what you can knock off your list!

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