The 3 Fall Fashion Looks That You Can’t Afford To Pass Up

The 3 Fall Fashion Looks That You Can’t Afford To Pass UpNow that Labor Day has come and gone, it’s time to start thinking of fall fashion! The beauty of fall fashion is that you can mix and match both summer and winter looks right alongside of your autumn staples, and we at Clava have found some really excellent fall fashion trends that we believe no one should pass up!
These fall fashion trends are:

  1. The robe coat – The robe coat is often known as a duster, however these aren’t limited to long sweaters anymore. Wool, leather, and a vast array of other fabrics are being used to take the smoking jacket style and elongating it into a robe coat fit for any modern fashionista. The beauty of this look is that it’s been around forever, and it can really compliment any figure, so it’s open to any woman who is fashion forward enough to give it a try! With a robe coat, we love the look of accessorizing with a shorter dropped shoulder bag in a sleek classic shade of leather, so you can get that classic elegance you’re striving for from your overall look.
  2. The modern mod – It seems that the 60’s never really left, so to say they’re back is something of an understatement. This mod look being seen on runways this fall is created using bold color, knee high boots, and shorter hemlines with trendy hose, and you can really spice up this trend with the right handbag. Paying attention to classic looks, opt for a handbag with a traditional shape and a streamlined appearance, such as our super classic Leather Tab Shopper, and you can be well on your way to being totally modern mod chic!
  3. Bigger than big – The oversize trend is not only fashionable, it’s also highly convenient. Who doesn’t love to be able to know they can carry everything they may need with them anywhere? From coats, to sweaters, to handbags, this oversized look is spanning all facets of fashion, and we have just the bags to get you on board at Clava. One such bag that can help you to fit in with the oversized trend perfectly is our Oversized Bridle Leather Tote, which pays attention to elegance as it gives you the size element you’re looking for.


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