Why Spend More On Leather Bags? Because They’re Worth It!

In today’s tough economic times, many women are being forced to choose between quality and quantity when it comes to their accessories. If you are having a hard time making your rent, it can be hard to justify a much more expensive leather bag than one that only cost you a few dollars. However, when it comes to your hard earned money and your bags, it always pays – literally – to get quality. That cute and cheaply made handbag will simply not last, and that means that anything you spent on it is truly wasted, whereas a leather bag that did cost more can truly last for a lifetime, making it a much smarter purchase.
Leather has been used for bags, satchels, purses and duffels for literally thousands of years for a reason – it lasts. Although the curing and tanning process may differ, leather is a tough, durable, highly resistant material that can be renewed to make it look like new, and it can be conditioned to be as soft as skin as well. In addition, most purses and bags that are made out of leather require a heavier stitching due to the thickness of the material, and so you also get better seams and a longer lifespan for the purse.
While getting a great bargain on a knock-off may excite you for a couple of weeks, the fun will quickly pale once you realize that the quality of a knock off is often poor at best, and the seams will begin to fray and the material will give out. Name brand purses are usually very popular and “name brand” for a reason – they actually offer the quality materials and construction to back-up their high prices. Essentially, choosing a knock off purse is much like buying a Ford Taurus and expecting it to drive like a Corvette – it just isn’t going to happen.
Remember too that leather bags just don’t really seem to go out of style. Since it represents quality and requires a bit more of an investment, the care of the design speaks volumes about the quality of your bag, and thus the quality of your taste. The classic and matchless leather handbags of by-gone days are just as desirable as they are today, and you can also use leather cleaning and conditioning products very easily to keep your leather bag looking like brand new even after you have used it for years – something you just can’t say about cheap knock-offs.

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